ICC refused wearing the insignia on MS Dhoni’s gloves


ICC has rejected BCCI’s Request to Allow MS Dhoni to Wear Wicket-Keeping Gloves With the Dagger Insignia. Read the following Dhoni’s Glove Issue.

Dhoni's glove without dagger insignia
A change of gloves for MS Dhoni in India’s second match

The controversy over Indian Cricket Team Batsman and Wicketkeeper MS Dhoni’s gloves has been resolved for this instance, with the former Indian captain wearing the new pair of gloves on Sunday against Australia at The Oval. As Dhoni got instructions to not to wear gloves with symbol of insignia.

The ICC has responded to BCCI’s appeal regarding Dhoni’s gloves issue during the ICC Cricket World Cup Matches. ICC have made it clear that MS Dhoni is not allowing to wear the gloves sporting the dagger insignia. Although BCCI want some flexibility, the ICC is not certainly interesting in the same. Keep Reading to find out why ICC has rejected BCCI’s Request.

What Had Happened With A Close Look.

Wicket-keeper MS Dhoni, who is a member of the Territorial Army in India. Dhoni was wearing gloves with a military insignia during India’s World Cup clash with South Africa.

The ICC told the BCCI that the insignia should remove
The BCCI said they are seeking permission for Dhoni to continue wearing the insignia as it’s not a commercial logo
The ICC refused to allow it
This sparked outrage among fans with many demanding that India boycott the World Cup.

A change of gloves for MS Dhoni in India’s second match during the match against Australia.

According to Vinod Rai, the chairman of the BCCI’s Committee of Administration “Dhoni got huge support from all over the country for showing tribute to the Indian soldiers. Even BCCI gave full support to the ex-captain of the Indian cricket team.” The board was ready to seek permission if required to allow Dhoni wearing the same gloves.

After batting first against world champions Australia at the Oval, a different pair of gloves appeared on Dhoni’s hand to conform with ICC regulations when India fielded after making 352 for five.

The ICC turned down a request by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to allow Dhoni to sport the symbol that gained widespread attention on television and on social media in India. That is “#DhoniKeepTheGlove” trending on Twitter.
ICC Regulations “According to the World Cup clothing and equipment regulations manual, only two manufacturer identifications can be sported on the back of each glove.
Also, any logos should not have any political or racial connotations.”

The ICC has previously ruled against players making political statements and in 2104 the global governing body banned England all-rounder Moeen Ali from wearing wristbands saying “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine”.


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