Indian cricket bodies on action


Major Cricket Bodies and Many Cricket Legends have also come forward to support the victims of Pulwama attack. Indian Cricket bodies and organizations are on action.

I week Ago Indian Army had lost 40+ soldiers in an unreasonable and unexpected terrorist attack in Pulwama, Kashmir. The attack was carried by Jaish-e-mohammed on CRPF personnel’s and they only responsible for the attack on the brave soldiers. Since then Indian government is taking steps to isolate Pakistan, the main concept is build pressure on Pakistan government.
Major Cricket Bodies and many cricket legends have also come forward to support and take action on the incident. Even the civilians are taking this as an opportunity to show solidarity with the armed forces of India. Recently, Indian cricket fans Urged BCCI to boycott the match against Pakistan in the upcoming world cup event 2019.
BCCI still waiting to declare on this issue, that will be confirmed on government orders to take a call on this issue. All the major Bodies and organizations are doing their best to show a solidarity with the Indian army. According to India today, the Apex cricket body has decided to remove the memories related to Pakistan from the headquarters.
BCCI Headquarters is glittering with some beautiful image gallery which capture history and achievements of Indian cricket which is no more needed in the gallery. It also contains other players and countries memories who have faced the India team in past cricket history. The first floor of the building has a bat memorabilia section which contains the bats autographed by legendary cricketers from all around the world. This brilliant section has bats signed by some legendary Pakistani cricketers too.


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