Indian cricket bodies on action


The Decision by BCCI is to remove the bats Autographed by Pakistani Cricketers.

This gallery should be free from the country who don’t respect the police force and the civilians of India. According to the report, the apex cricket body in India has decided to remove some bats signed by Pakistani cricketers. These cricketers were a part of the team which faced India in the past. Bats were not the only thing which was removed by the board. They also removed that iconic photograph of Javed Miandad jumping to mock Kiran More who was irritating him from behind the stumps.
Along with BCCI Some state and local cricket organizations have also taken an action to remove the photographs and memories of Pakistani cricketers. Earlier, Himachal Pradesh cricket association, Punjab Cricket Association, Karnataka cricket Association and Rajasthan Cricket Association also removed memorabilia related to Pakistan. Cricket Club of India(CCI) also made its stand clear by covering photo of Imran Khan who is not the in charge of Pakistan government.


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