IPL season: Best catches of the IPL


Best Catches of IPL seasons

IPL is a superb franchise for all Cricketing actions from the players of all around the world. Some best players of Cricket have quick response to the catches that they on the field. International players makes stunning action all around the ground, catches at the crease that are very quick and hard to catch it and catches at the boundary line.

Player who makes their catches on the boundary line realize that they might fall over the boundary and threw the ball back and come back to clinch it. Catches at boundary line are also as critical, so that might be maximum if player doesn’t make quick on that instant.

The game of cricket has seen some unbelievable catches being taken on the field, and here is a collection of the best catches of IPL since it’s first season. Fielding at deep long-on and on many spots, it seems they misjudged the catch as the ball appeared to fly over him, but he compensated for it by timing his jump to perfection.

The Caribbean international players has many Records of catching on the boundary line. Despite being the tall mans, everyone balanced their weight well and did not cross over the boundary ropes.


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