KKRvDC: Delhi Wins Super Over Thriller, Ball by Ball Report


South African Paceman Kagiso Rabada defended 10 runs in the Super Over to steer Delhi Capitals to a thrilling victory over Kolkata Knight Riders, this was the lowest ever IPL super-over defended.

The match went into the Super Over after Delhi Capitals finished at 185/6, young superstar Prithvi Shaw missed his maiden IPL hundred by just 1 run. He scored 99 in 55 balls and awarded man of the match award.

Super Over Ball by Ball Report

Delhi batted first in the Super Over and Prasidh Krishna came to bowl from KKR side. Krishna dismissed Delhi Capital’s captain Shreyas Iyer on his third delivery but Rishabh Pant managed to take Delhi to double-figures.

DC Inning

  • Ball 1: Krishna to Pant, 1 run, Pant doesn’t connect cleanly, with half a bat in his slap to deep sweeper. 1/0
  • Ball 2: Krishna to Iyer, FOUR, the head-lined bouncer. Iyer gets inside the line, knows fine leg is in the ring and hooks it really fine. 5/0
  • Ball 3: Krishna to Iyer, OUT — caught by Chawla. So he gets a full pitch up, which Iyer tries to launch downtown, but the bat twists, turns and then skies up .. mid-off. 5/1
  • Ball 4: Krishna to Pant, 2 runs, his usual one-handed slices, uppish and clears the cover guy in the infield. Chawla’s at long-off, and isn’t going to stop the second. 7/1
  • Ball 5: Krishna to Pant, 2 runs, short, tummy-lined. Pant is one-handed again, this time to pull it away to square leg. Once again, the fielder out there is slow, and his throw is really inaccurate. 9/1
  • Ball 6: Krishna to Pant, 1 run, tries a weird reverse scoop – two handed – and all he gets is an edge, spooning just short of the keeper .. So, 10/1 is what it’ll be

KKR Innings

  • Ball 1: Rabada to Russell, FOUR, The empty square leg. 4/0
  • Ball 2: Rabada to Russell, dot ball, nails the yorker. Russell somehow, somehow, just somehowmanages to jam his bat down in time. 4/0
  • Ball 3: Rabada to Russell, BOWLED. More fire in the yorker, 147kph like, and bang on the base of middle. Russell isn’t all that good, well he isn’t, he just can’t keep this out. Is a day late in squeezing his bat down in time. Middle’s uprooted. 4/1
  • Ball 4: Rabada to Uthappa, 1 run, slightly friendlier with the yorker just outside off. Jammed away to point. 5/1
  • Ball 5: Rabada to Karthik, 1 run, oh he’s writing a textbook in super-over bowlings here is Rabada. Another very low full toss, and Karthik despite all his extravaganza can stil not get under it cleanly, scooping the inside half to short fine leg. Ooh, an inch on either side and it would’ve been the game. 6/1
  • Ball 6: Rabada to Uthappa, 1 run, full toss. And Delhi seal what was always theirs, only 20 minutes later into the night. Robin walks down the track to it, and then tries to loft his drive. But no, will only get a toe-end down to mid-off. 7/1

List of Tied Matches in IPL

  • RR vs KKR, Cape Town, 2009
  • KXIP vs CSK, Chennai, 2010
  • SRH vs RCB, Hyderabad, 2013
  • RCB vs DD, Bengaluru, 2013
  • RR vs KKR, Abu Dhabi, 2014
  • KXIP vs RR, Ahmedabad, 2015
  • MI vs GL, Rajkot, 2017
  • DC vs KKR, Delhi, 2019*

Post Match Presentation

Kagiso Rabada: We weren’t sure who was going to bowl and then Hopesy came up to me and said I was going to bowl that over. Obviously lots of nerves. I just saw it as a simulation and glad it paid off. You have to keep your wits about you and be really clear on what you have to bowl. I just went with yorkers and it worked in the end. I was clear and backed my plan.


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