Manchester at centre of attention for Pakistan vs India World Cup tie


India vs Pakistan clash in the world cup makes stadium crowded

Often touted as the ‘Mother of all Battles’ – India vs Pakistan encounter always generate buzz irrespective of which part of the world it will be played. The much-anticipated clash between Indian and Pakistan on June 16 at the Old Trafford, Manchester will add another chapter to the historic rivalry.

Thousands of cricket fans will head to Manchester this weekend ahead of the World Cup clash between India and Pakistan.
It is one of sport’s biggest games and bitterest rivalries which is likely to draw a global television audience of one billion.
Virat Kohli added about their clash with Pakistan. “We’re playing some good cricket so we’re not too worried about where we stand,” said Kohli. “Having two wins gives you that extra confidence.
“We will have a couple of practice sessions so we know where we are in terms of mindset and skill.
“It’s also about going out and having game time. We are quite ready to take that game on.”

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Old Trafford has a capacity of 25,000 which is just a fraction of the 700,000 applications that are applied for the ticket. It makes a heavy compitation for a single seat i.e., 28 people’s compete for 1 ticket. Fully aware that thousands of fans would be in Manchester without valid tickets on Sunday, a fan zone which can hold up to 3,500 people. Fans are also invited at Cathedral Gardens where the game can be viewed the match on a large screen.
Similar facilities will be set up in other major centres in Britain. One of the largest ones would be established in London’s Wembley locality catering for around 5000 fans.


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