VIDEO Viral – Ashwin committing a school-boy error


VIDEO – R Ashwin vents out after Umpire calls no-ball for having three fielder’s inside ring.

Ravichandran Ashwin’s Mankading makes him the most searched person this week and he did little to change the reputation as his captaincy left a lot to be desired. He makes three of his fielder’s inside the ring in the final over of the game and that instant Umpire notice all the situation and called it a No-ball despite Mohammed Shami Clean bowled Andre Russell.

Mohammed Shami was having a good day with the ball till he got Andre Russell’s wicket today and a sudden incident made him a disappointing. Pitching the ball in good length and getting it to move in, Shami had made sure that the team would have cover up for all the mistakes other bowler had committed in the evening.

Bowling the last ball of the 17th over, Mohammed Shami bowled a perfect length Yorker right into the blockhole St a speed of 138km/h and that was very much tough for Russell to play the ball and got under his bat that knocked him over.

Eden Gardens came to a stand-still and couldn’t believe that their big-man failed to give them the kind of finish they always fantasized from him. However, the umpire called it a no-ball suddenly, much to the surprise of Kings XI Punjab players.

But the umpire instantly made things clear by saying three fielders were inside the ring which is not allowed in T20 cricket after the powerplay overs ended.

Ashwin was quite appalled by that and was seen expressing his frustration on his players for committing a school-boy error.


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