Virat and Anushka had a mini vacation in Australia and New Zealand they travelled in public transport


Vacation for Celebrities is not much common as there will be a busy long way schedule of their careers whether it may be a sports or film shooting. Indian Cricket team captain “Virat Kohli” who married Bollywood film star “Anushka Sharma” a year and a quarter ago, make their vacation when they both get free time.

They are one of the most looking up to the couple in the entire nation. I reason that conform this statement was their millions of followers on social media. Frequently Virat Kohli updates his status on social media to his fans. We have an update that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have a recent vacation in Australia.

Even with their busy schedule, the couple still manages to make time for each other to have a mini vacation. They left us crushing over their pictures from their recent mini vacation in Australia and New Zealand.

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The two returned from their mini-vacation recently they have spent in Australia and New Zealand and got back to their daily life. But they still manage to shed out some serious couple goals. While they were on their vacation, the couple have had an easy and very happy times in the company of each other.

As media were tracking this beloved couple who were on vacation. Suggesting us that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have travelled by local cabs and public transports during their entire stay in Australia and New Zealand before they headed for their mini vacation. They were travelling in public cabs with no security as they didn’t want to take any swanky cars. They just wanted to be with themselves.

Locals of the two nation’s where they spent time have a pleasantly surprised to see them being so chilled. They are being absolutely normal with this celebrities. The couple simply wanted to explore the countries. Meet new people and have fun with them at the most local places and create memories for themselves. Virat Kohli is currently busy with India Australia series. On the other side Anushka Sharma is busy in her personal life. She was last seen in the movie “Zero” with shah rukh Khan.

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