Virat Kohli Batting Style and Classical Performance



Virat Kohli Batting Style and Classical Performance

Virat Kohli has a unique batting style. The consistent performance of Virat Kohli makes people love him and his batting style. People also called him his nickname “Cheeku” or King Kohli who is currently playing for IPL’s popular team Royal Challengers Bangalore as Captain.
He is only player and Captain in IPL who is still playing only one franchise Starting of the IPL Tournament. The Man in blue star Batsman Virat Kohli is today’s Generation Inspiration in Cricket world by his batting style and Fitness spirit in Cricket.
You can also watch the best innings of Virat Kohli which he has played for team India since he started his professional Cricketing career which are featured with batting style and classical way of hitting the ball.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, the Man of the Match recipient Babar Azam said: “Virat Kohli is my role model and I always try to follow his style of batting. The best thing about Kohli is the confidence with which he comes on the crease. He has hunger [for runs] and starts his every innings as if he achieved nothing in the inns before.”
This was not for the first time Azam has spoken about Kohli’s influence in his game.Batting Style Of Virat Kohli
“I do not just copy Virat Kohli, but I really follow him. I dream of becoming like him. Some people compare me with Virat, while there’s no comparison as I am just in the beginning. I feel that I cannot be just like him, but it can be closer to his instinct of playing,” Babar Azam had said in an interview earlier this year.
He was Part of Royal Challengers Bangalore T20 Club. Virat Kohli is also only player who made highest Scores in IPL Tournament 2016. So guys We Hope you will be learning some batting tips from Virat Kohli Videos.



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