WATCH: Krunal Pandya tries to mankad MS Dhoni, but he is smarter than Buttler


WATCH: Krunal Pandya tries to mankad MS Dhoni, Dhoni shows him who’s the real boss

Ashwin was in spot light when he has Mankad Jos Buttler during their IPL clash. Ashwin sparked the debate surrounding the spirit of the game when he dislodged the bails on the non-striker’s end of the wicket while cutting short his bowling stance to run out Buttler, who had already stepped out of the crease before the ball was delivered. It has became an headliner on the internet as far as the 12th edition of the tournament is concerned. Players across the globe had expressed their disappointment for the poor display of the sportsman spirit in a tournament.

This season, the 12th Edition of IPL, a second Incident within the first week of the season was averted when Mumbai Indians All-rounder Krunal Pandya had almost Mankaded Kings XI Punjab’s Batsman Mayank Agarwal before giving any warning to him that not to leave his crease before delivery. Days after Krunal earned respect from cricket pundits across the world for not mankading Mayank, the Mumbai Indians all rounder tried to act smart in the recently concluded clash against Chennai Super Kings.


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