What’s up with Pollard, a viral controversy in IPL 2019 final

Mumbai Indians have eventually managed a score of 149/8.

Mumbai Indians have eventually managed a score of 149/8. Given the kind of start that they managed, they wouldn’t be happy with the eventual score. But there is nothing to take away from the CSK bowlers – especially the 19th over bowled by Deepak Chahar – and the unpredictable bowling changes by MS Dhoni.

A bit of drama in the last over with the umpire refusing to call two consecutive deliveries as wide. A furious Kieran Pollard takes guard outside the off stump and calls for some attention.

In T20I, obviously, a dot ball matters much in limited overs cricket. The focus of the bowler in almost every ball is to take a wicket and not ball defensively to limit the runs. And wides aren’t much use to a batsman like no-balls.

But (especially in T20 matches), if the ball is inside the batsman’s reach even if the ball is outside the wide line on the off side or ouside the leg stump on the leg side is not given as a wide ball by the umpires.

“The ball will be considered as passing wide of the striker unless it is sufficiently within reach for him/her to be able to hit it with the bat by means of a normal cricket stroke. A penalty of one run shall be awarded instantly on the call of Wide ball.”
“If the umpire adjudges a delivery to be a Wide he/she shall call and signal Wide ball as soon as the ball passes the striker’s wicket. It shall, however, be considered to have been a Wide from the instant that the bowler entered his/her delivery stride, even though it cannot be called Wide until it passes the striker’s wicket.”



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